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Casatiello (Otherwise known as the best bread i have ever had.) - Recipe Trade
May 6th, 2011
08:01 pm


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Casatiello (Otherwise known as the best bread i have ever had.)
A bread with salami and cheese.  Delish!

The recipe is from a Bread Bakers Apprentice.  http://tinyurl.com/43g5ut3 (FYI, the best bread book i have ever baked from.)

Here is a good amount of photos of the process. (And the end result.)


Take 3/4c butter out of the fridge to get to room temp.

Make your sponge,

1/2c bread flour
1tbsp instant yeast
1c buttermilk or whole milk which should be 90-100 degrees.

(i made my own buttermilk by using 1% milk  and a tbsp of lemon juice. Also, i threw in a tsp of sugar into the sponge.)

Mix with wooden spoon. Cover with plastic wrap, then a dish towel, and forget about it for 1hr. (It will look like bubbly pancake batter.)

Now take

4 ounces dry cut up cured salami (or other cured meat, or sausage, or whatever you like to nom. I use mild salami.)
Cook it till its crispy.  Drain it. Try not to eat all of it while making the bread.

Now mix together in your kitchen aid:

3 1/2c bread flour
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp sugar

in another bowl lightly wisk

2 eggs.

Use paddle attachment and mix in the sponge (make sure you let it get fluffy for an hour!) and the eggs until you have a coarse ball.  If there is loose flour dribble in some water or milk.

Now turn it all off and wait 10 minute. 

Now you need the

3/4c butter room temp.  Cut it into four pieces.

(i switched to a dough hook at this point.)

Mix at medium speed, adding in one piece of butter at a time.  It looks like a tacky mess but it will be ok.  This will take about 12 min of mixing. (Don't forget to scrape down your bowl.)  If after 12 min its not a ball, sprinkle in some flour until it just comes off the sides of the bowl.

When the dough is smooth kneed in the meat.  Then kneed in

6 ounces of cheese.  ( I used 3 oz provolone, and 3 ounce med. gouda.)

Lightly oil a LARGE bowl and rub your ball of dough around in the oil.  Now cover it with saran wrap, then a towel, and leave it alone for 90 minutes.  (Or until it has risen 1 1/2 times.)

Now i took it out, cut it in half, and make two rectangles no bigger in length then my bread pans.  Then i rolled them up and popped them down into the pans. (The pans that you greased up with oil, or butter, or whatever it needed.) Cover with saran.  Cover with towel.  Leave it alone for another 90 min.  ( I know, by now you just want to eat it, but alas, it needs to rise AGAIN.  It will be worth it!)

Now preheat your oven to 350.  Cook them for 20 min.  Turn them 180 degrees.  Cook them for another 20 min.

Now take them out of the tins.  Onto a wire rack. 

Stare at them for 1 hour. (We could only wait 35 min.)

Ok.  Now you can cut into them. 

Further directions include noming and not sharing.

*A little note of my own, next time i am gonna cut up my cheese into small chunks instead of grating it. Or maybe half and half.  Delicious.

(Trade a recipe)

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